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What Is Argan Oil ?

Certainly, Argan oil is produced from a the nut of the Argan tree, which only grows in Southwestern Morocco. Local women work in fair-trade cooperatives where they hand-crack the nuts in between two stones, a technique they’ve used for centuries. Instead of being put through a machine, the raw kernels are hand-extracted from the hard shell, hand-ground in a stone grinder, hand-kneaded for hours and first cold-pressed into the oil. It takes one woman three days to make just one liter of oil. This is why argan oil is so valuable.

Indeed, Argan trees have long been known by locals for their medicinal properties, but in recent years they’ve gained international attention, with both positive and negative consequences. Argan trees are short, thorny, and gnarled, and although they can live for 250 years they never reach impressive heights due to their slow growth pattern. They are endemic to Morocco and northern Africa, surviving in incredibly harsh conditions where few other trees can.

Argan Oil Hair

In 1998, the Argan forest in Morocco was designated a UNESCO protected biosphere so argan oil is sustainable.

Benefits Of Argan Oil ...

Argan Oil Hair

If you want to de-clutter your cabinet and simplify your beauty routine, argan oil can become your go-to beauty elixir from head-to-toe for any skin and hair types. 

It’s chockfull of essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins (especially Vitamin A and Vitamin E) and minerals that promote your overall health by moisturizing, softening as well as protecting your face and hair from sun damage – free of harmful toxins and Parabens.

Argan oil can be added as an additional ingredient to many store-bought beauty products to get more hydration and protection as a result.

Why Use Argan Oil for Hair?

Argan oil Shampoo by Queen Lynn is often used as a hair treatment. It is extremely beneficial for hair and scalp, and is commonly used as a conditioner.

Vitamin E is extremely beneficial for hair, and is found in argan oil in high quantities, especially in Argan Shampoo by Queen Lynn. Vitamin E promotes healthy hair growth as it contains antioxidants, which help boost cells and encourage them to produce healthy hair – it has even been used for hair regrowth.

Argan oil has a number of benefits when used on hair or used in Shampoo. It can act as a moisturizer for the scalp to fight dandruff and dry scalp. It can also promote the growth of healthy, strong hair as opposed to thin, brittle hair. It can even undo some of the damage done through chemical treatments and dyes, and can be used to treat split ends.

Immediate benefits can also be seen in people who use argan oil on their hair or who use Pure Argan Shampoo such as Argan Shampoo by Queen Lynn. It is an excellent agent for taming frizz and promoting shine and gloss, as well as softer, more manageable hair.

Argan oil is non-irritating and actually reverses much of the damage done by artificial chemicals and treatments on hair. It is often used in its pure form for healthy, soft and shiny hair. Below is Queen Lynn Pure Argan Shampoo!

Argan Oil Shampoo

4 Natural Uses Of Organic Argan Oil In Your Daily Hair Routine...

Argan Oil Hair

1. Using Argan Oil in Shampoo:

Argan oil is often used as a key ingredient in shampoos due to its ability to restore softness, strength and shine to hair. It is an ideal ingredient to search for in a shampoo for anyone suffering from dry, brittle hair or hair damaged by chemicals and coloring.

The benefit of using argan oil as an ingredient in shampoo is that you can apply it just as a normal shampoo without adding an extra step in your routine or worrying about using the correct quantity of argan oil. It is the ideal method for ensuring strong, nourished hair with an improved appearance on a day-to-day basis. We recommend Queen Lynn Argan Shampoo!

2.Using Argan Oil as a Leave-In Conditioner:

Argan oil makes an excellent leave-in conditioner, which can also prolong and intensify its beneficial effects on hair. It makes an ideal conditioning agent since it makes hair soft and sleek and adds extra shine.

Many leave-in conditioners are greasy or make hair stringy or clumpy. Argan oil is the exact opposite. It makes hair easier to style and, when used in the correct quantity, absorbs easily and does not leave any greasy residue.

Pure argan oil can be used as an amazingly effective, chemical-free leave-in conditioner. All you need is a few drops of pure argan oil. Rub the oil thoroughly between your palms and then comb your hands and fingers thoroughly through damp or towel-dried hair. Make sure to massage into the scalp and tips to promote healthy scalp, encourage hair growth and to treat split ends.

Argan Oil Hair

3. Using Argan Oil as a Styling Agent:

If you need to style your hair in a hurry, argan oil is an incredible solution. As well as offering long-term improvements in softness and strength, it gives hair an immediate gloss to it, and is a great way to tame frizzy hair into submission.

Unlike many styling agents which can cause long term damage to hair due to the chemicals included in the ingredients, argan oil enriches hair with nutrients and repairs damage. It is also a great product to use before straightening as it can help protect hair against heat damage.

It is incredibly simple to use as a styling agent. Application is similar to use as a leave-in conditioner, but hair doesn’t have to be wet. Rub a few drops of argan oil between your palms and comb through dry hair, ensuring even distribution. Don’t use too much – you want it to absorb easily and a little goes a long way. It is a long-lasting styling agent which will make hair manageable and add great shine.


4. Using Argan Oil as a Hair Mask:

Although a little goes a long way, an overnight treatment is a great way to maximize the effects of argan oil on hair. Using a larger quantity of argan oil as a hair mask means that as many of the nutrients as possible will be absorbed. This is a great treatment to use the night before a special event when you want your hair to be extra smooth, sleek and voluminous.

This treatment is easy to do at home. Use a liberal amount of the oil for this treatment. Massage it into your scalp, hair and tips and then wrap your hair up in a towel to prevent it from staining your pillow. Leave the treatment in overnight (or for a few hours) and then wash the argan oil out the next morning with your regular shampoo. Your hair will look sensational – and best of all, you won’t have exposed your hair to any of the chemicals present in many regular conditioning hair masks.

Argan Oil Hair

Pure Argan Oil or Products with Argan Oil? ?

Argan oil can be used either on its own or as an ingredient in a shampoo, conditioner or styling agent. It is effective both ways, so it is up to the user which one to get.

Argan oil shampoos, conditioners and moisturisers: The biggest consideration of pure argan oil is the price and convenience of using it. It is a rare oil, so the price is high if you want the real deal. A product containing argan oil might be better value for the quantity and also kills two birds with one stone when it comes to looking after your hair or skin.

Pure argan oil: One of the benefits of using pure argan oil is that it is 100% natural and there is no need to use products with potentially damaging chemicals. Pure argan oil also gives more concentrated effects and a great result every time.

How to Use Argan Oil for Hair?

Method 1.Using Argan Oil as a Styling Product

STEP 1 : Rub 2 to 5 drops of oil in your hands to warm it up.

STEP 2 : Run your hands through damp, freshly-washed hair.  

STEP 3 : Massage the oil into your scalp to eliminate dry skin ; Apply argan oil 2 to 3 times a week to keep your hair silky and smooth

Method 2.Using Argan Oil as a Hair Mask

STEP 1 : Apply 6 to 8 drops of oil to saturate your hair from roots to ends.

STEP 2 : Cover your head with a shower cap to trap in heat & Let the mask sit overnight for best results.

STEP 3 : Cleanse your hair with shampoo and conditioner ; Repeat this process once a week or as needed.

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