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Which Oils does Queen Lynn Source From Morocco ?

Queen Lynn Cosmetics sources the following Oils from Morocco:

  • Argan Oil  (certified organic) – 100 Pure, Unrefined, Cold Pressed   
  • Prickly Pear Grain Oil  (certified organic) – 100 Pure, Unrefined, Cold Pressed 
  • Garlic Oil  (certified organic)– 100 Pure, Unrefined, Cold Pressed 
  •  Nigella Seed Oil  (certified organic) – – 100 Pure, Unrefined, Cold Pressed 
  • Rosemary Oil  (certified organic)– – 100 Pure, Unrefined, Cold Pressed 
  • Coconut Oil  (certified organic) – 100 Pure, Unrefined, Cold Pressed 
  • Castor Oil (certified organic) – 100 Pure, Unrefined, Cold Pressed 
  • Fenugreek Oil (certified organic) – 100 Pure, Unrefined, Cold Pressed 
  • Hemp Oil (certified organic) – 100 Pure, Unrefined, Cold Pressed 
  •  Bitter Almond Oil (certified organic) – 100 Pure, Unrefined, Cold Pressed 
  •  Sweet Almond Oil (certified organic) – 100 Pure, Unrefined, Cold Pressed 
  • Sesame Oil (certified organic) – 100 Pure, Unrefined, Cold Pressed 
  • Lavender Oil (certified organic) – 100 Pure, Unrefined, Cold Pressed 

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Which Essential Oils does Queen Lynn Source From Morocco ?

Queen Lynn Cosmetics sources the following Essential Oils from Morocco: 

  • Grape Seed EO (certified organic)– 100 Pure, Undiluted
  • Lemon EO (certified organic) – 100 Pure, Undiluted
  • Chamomile EO (certified organic)– 100 Pure, Undiluted
  • Atlas Cedar EO  (certified organic) – 100 Pure, Undiluted
  • Jasmine EO (certified organic) – 100 Pure, Undiluted
  • Rose EO (certified organic)– 100 Pure, Undiluted
  • Lavender EO (certified organic)– 100 Pure, Undiluted
  • Clove EO (certified organic)– 100 Pure, Undiluted
  • Mint EO (certified organic)– 100 Pure, Undiluted
  • Rosemary EO (certified organic)– 100 Pure, Undiluted
  • Eucalyptus EO (certified organic)– 100 Pure, Undiluted
  • Musk EO (certified organic)– 100 Pure, Undiluted
  • Amber EO (certified organic)– 100 Pure, Undiluted
  • Thyme EO (certified organic)– 100 Pure, Undiluted
  • Orange Flowers EO (certified organic)– 100 Pure, Undiluted
  • Cinnamon EO (certified organic)– 100 Pure, Undiluted
  • Bergamot EO (certified organic)– 100 Pure, Undiluted
  • Grapefruit EO (certified organic)– 100 Pure, Undiluted

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Where does my order ship from?

All Queen Lynn orders ship from our foreign and local Providers manufacturing facilities.

By keeping all shipping in-house, we can guarantee quality, speed and accuracy in your order fulfillment. Queen Lynn’s direct-to-you shipping model makes it convenient and affordable to get the world’s highest-quality nutritional supplements. Be sure to tell your friends and family about Queen Lynn’s amazing value on products and shipping!

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How much does Queen Lynn shipping cost within the United States ?


For orders within the United States (48 contiguous states), our shipping rates are based off the calculated amount of your order.

Our standard shipping rate to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico & U.S. Territories is $7.95. for orders under $100, free for orders above.

Do you live within the 48 contiguous states and want your order faster? No problem! We are proud to offer 2nd and Next Day Air Shipping for an additional fee for orders below $100.

Please know that we do not make any money from the shipping charges on your order. As a company dedicated to offering our customers the highest quality and lowest prices, we are strongly opposed to packaging and handling charges. In most cases, our shipping will be significantly lower than our competitors’. This is because we work diligently to negotiate the lowest price possible from our freight carriers and pass along those savings to you. We guarantee that any shipping charges you see are direct carrier costs or less.

All Queen Lynn orders are shipped via trustworthy carriers such as USPS, UPS, FedEx …

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What is your privacy policy?

Our full privacy policy is available for your review here.

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What are cookies?

Cookies are very small files downloaded by your web browser and used to remember the particulars of your last visit to They are only used to keep track of the contents of your shopping cart.

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Does Queen Lynn have a mobile website?

By visiting on your mobile or smart device, you will be automatically directed to our sleek, user-friendly mobile site. You’ll find all the convenient aspects of our full website right in the palm of your hand!

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How do I use the keyword search?

Simply type a description of the product you’re looking for in our search box and click “Search.” It’s as simple as that!

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How do I shop by category?

Just look on the Top menu of your screen whenever you’re shopping at and you’ll see a convenient, organized list of our most popular categories. You can also click the Show All Categories link to view our extensive library of product categories.

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How do I shop by brand?

Click the “Shop by Brand” tab in the Top menu, or simply click here. The Shop by Brand tab opens a page of alphabetized brand links. Simply click the brand you’re interested in, and we’ll show you all the products associated with that brand that we carry. You can also enter a brand name into our search engine.

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I noticed the Guarantee symbol on the label, what does it mean?

We guarantee the quality of our products as well as their purity and potency.

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Where can I find Queen Lynn’s social media pages?

Let’s connect! You can find us on:

The Queen Lynn Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram | Google+ | LinkedIn

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Where can I go to learn more about Queen Lynn ?

Check out our About Us  page to learn about Queen Lynn’s mission of supplying the highest-quality beauty & nutritional supplements and health products at the lowest possible prices. You’ll also learn aboutQueen Lynn’s family starting a new generation of supplement excellence !

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How can I contact the company?

Visit our contact page by clicking here, where you will find a convenient contact form along with our mailing address and fax number. We also offer live chat services! Simply scroll to the top of any page on and click on “Live Chat.”

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Is there a way to get specific information on products I like?

All Queen Lynn  products are accompanied by health benefit descriptions and supplement facts; just click the “Product Label” and “More Info” buttons on product pages to learn more. In addition, many of our featured categories include in-depth nutritional information that may include history, biological actions, or even scientific research. We will be continually updating our site with specific information on your favorite products, so return often and keep an eye out forQueen Lynn updates!


If you are still not able to locate the product or brand you’re looking for, please click here. Our purchasing department will review this information and do our best to fulfill your special order request.

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What are Today’s Deals ?

A fantastic way to save even more money! Today’s Deals  are special sales on select items that make Beauty, Skin Care & Nutrition  even more affordable! But hurry – these special prices are only offered for limited times and are dependent on product availability!

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What happens if I have an item that is on backorder?

On the rare occasion that an item is not in stock, we will notify you via email right away. Your in-stock items will ship immediately, while backordered items will ship as soon as they are available — at no additional cost to you.

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When will I get a shipping confirmation?

Queen Lynn is proud to offer same-day shipping on most orders placed before 3:00 PM (EST).  Shipping confirmation is sent via email once your order has left our supplement warehouse. You will usually receive shipping confirmation 24-48 hours after you have placed your order.

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When will I get an order confirmation?

You can expect an order confirmation containing the details of your order via email within 24 hours – but usually this order confirmation will be emailed to you within moments of completing your order.

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How do I view my past orders?

First, make sure that you are logged in. Then, click the My Account link in the Top Menu of your screen. This link will take you to your Account page, which has an Order History link ; Orders that enables you to review all of your past orders.

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Can I change my address after my order was shipped?

We’re sorry, once an order ships, we cannot change the address, cancel, or otherwise stop shipment.

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I just placed an order, can I add to it?

We’re sorry, once an order is placed, you cannot add, delete or alter it. If it has not yet shipped, you can cancel the order so it can be replaced with the additional items.

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What are the different methods of payments that you accept?

We accept all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. We also accept payments via PayPal. Please note, we are unable to process prepaid or gift credit cards at this time.

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How is my shipping cost calculated?

Our shipping rates are based off the price of your order. Please note we do not make any money from the shipping charges on your order. Our phone operator is not able to waive shipping fees.

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Where is my order?

For USA Orders: When you order with Queen Lynn , you will receive a confirmation email with a tracking number, which you can use to find out the status of your shipment.

Track My order

For International Orders: You may or may not receive tracking numbers, depending on the price order. Please click here for more information.

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How choosing your international shipping category?

International shipping can be fulfilled in three different ways: by air, by sea and by land. Depending on your destination and the delivery requirements, you can opt for one of these methods.
Each option has its own benefits, so don’t be concerned if you have to ship overseas and aren’t sure about either air or sea transport. International shipping companies listed here have enough offices abroad and partners all around the globe to pick up your load at the port and to deliver it to the final destination by land transport.
International shipping by sea
International shipping by land
International shipping by train
International shipping by air

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Our FREE Express Shipping Service

Free Express Shipping On Orders $100+

Free Express Shipping offer is valid on orders $100 or more placed online at for more than 160 country. Minimum purchase requirement amount is net of any discounts.
No promo code required to redeem free shipping.
If an expedited shipping method is chosen, third Day Delivery or fourth Day.
If you return a portion of your online purchase, shipping charges will be assessed for the return shipping costs. Sales tax and gift wrap are not included in total minimum purchase requirement calculation. Not valid on previous purchases. Offer is subject to change without notice.

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