Moroccan Beldi Soap | Millenia of nature’s blessings for timeless beauty!

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What Is Moroccan Beldi Soap ?

Moroccan Beldi Soap, also called Moroccan Black Soap is made from pure olive oil blended with macerated black olives. All of our ingredients are sustainably and responsibly sourced. We also make our Beldi Soap with natural Argan Oil, which has been added to reduce skin irritation and provide an organic healing aroma. 

Millennia of expertise in a small jar!!!

Three millennia ago the beldi soap was introduced to the world, and since then it has proven its worth over time. Since then, this magic Moroccan Black Soap has been deep rooted in the Moroccan ritual of Hammam. Truly, The Hammam is an authentic beauty ritual for women, born out of an ancestral tradition of sharing, generosity and travel. In fact, Moroccan Black Soap is used in conjunction with the Exfoliate Mitte to remove dead skin. Read More About Moroccan Traditional Hammam Rituals…


Benefits of Moroccan Beldi Soap...

Moroccan Beldi Soap

Indeed, Queen Lynn Beldi Soap sourced In Morocco offers deep cleansing and purifies the body by removing dead skin cells, and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and ready for exfoliation. High levels of vitamin E and other natural vitamins protect the skin against aging, improve overall skin tone while helping treat breakouts. 

The added Argan Oil also serves to reduce inflammation and irritation and stress reliever. Perfect for sensitive skin and for pregnant woman. Specifically created to deeply cleanse and soothe any skin type. Powerful exfoliating paste for cellular regeneration.

Is there a treatment for stretch marks?

You may not like how stretch marks make your skin look, but they don’t require medical treatment. They are harmless and often fade over time. If you do seek treatment for stretch marks, know that Moroccan Black Soap promotes to reduce stretch-marks as its loaded with High levels of vitamin E and other natural vitamins!

How to use Moroccan Beldi Soap?

Moroccan Beldi Soap is used in the same way as any regular soap but generates very little foam. Therefore, the black soap has to be applied by massaging moist skin evenly during a hot bath or shower  
Leave the soap on for 5 minutes, then scrub the skin vigorously with our Kessa glove or Exfoliating Mitt to achieve maximum exfoliation. Do not worry if you see dark particles appear: It is simply dry dead skin coming off your body!!! 

Continue the treatment with Queen Lynn Body Lotion and our Argan oil to maximize hydration.
For best results use Beldi Soap by Queen lynn twice a week.


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