Cocoa Butter Skin Therapy Formula – 7.25 oz. (200 g) Jar | 100 % pure | Uplifting | Clarifying | Smoothing | Lotion & Moisturizer | Fragrance Free | Cruelty Free – Paraben Free  | Organic 

  • Model : Cocoa Butter Skin Therapy Formula
  • Reference : Cocoa Butter Skin Therapy Formula – 7.25 oz. (200 g)
  • Origin : Morocco
  • Size : 7.25 oz. (200 g)
  • Texture: Silky and smooth texture on skin
  • Target : Skin
  • Formulation : Lotion
  • Gender : Unisex
  • Availability: Usually Ships in 1 day & 60 Day Returns
  • Shipping: Express Shipping (2-5 days)
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Cocoa Butter Skin Cream: What is it?

Cocoa Butter Skin Cream is a special face & body lotion. A yellowy lipid expressed from the roasted seeds of the cocoa plant then blended into a non-greasy moisturizing base.

Solid at room temperature but melts at body temperature, Cocoa Butter Skin Cream softens and lubricates skin.

Yet this tasty ingredient is also a staple in skin creams and other health and beauty products.

Unlike the cocoa butter in your dessert, Our skin care regimen won’t make you gain weight. But can it improve your appearance!

Our Cocoa butter Cream is also rich in natural plant compounds: “the phytochemicals“. More recently, researchers have discovered that compounds called phytochemical in cocoa might help keep both your body and skin healthy.

Cocoa Butter Skin Cream

Who is it for?

  • Our cocoa butter cream can be used during and after pregnancy to prevent and minimize the appearance of stretch marks.Soothes and softens chapped, irritated or sunburned skin.
  • Heals and softens rough, dry skin
  • You might Smell good and feel luxurious when you rub it on your body.
  • Smooths unwanted marks and scars
  • Perfect for rough &  dry skin!
  • Designed to heal and leave skin silky smooth.
  • Light enough for everyday use &  strong enough to smooth marks and repair dry skin.

Why is it different?

  • Because of its high fat content, cocoa butter cream by Queen Lynn has a richer, denser feel than many other moisturizers.
  • It’s often known as THE BEST STRETCH MARK CREAM as it contains high amount of fatty acids.
  • It has also been promoted to heal rashes from conditions like eczema and dermatitis.
  • Nourishes skin while adding and locking in moisture.
  • Deep Moisturizing Formula Leaves Your Skin Ultra Hydrated while Improving the elasticity, softness and suppleness of your skin
  • Nutrient Dense so All Natural Ingredients nourish your skin.
  • it’s safe to use during pregnancy.
  • It will not clog your pores.
  • Cocoa Butter Skin Therapy Formula Soothes and softens chapped, irritated or sunburned skin while Restoring moisture balance.

How to use our Cocoa Butter Skin Care?

  • Great for using after tanning
  • Excellent all-over-body moisturizer
  • Ideal for deep moisturization, including overnight treatments
  • Moisturizer after Moroccan bath experience at home!

Product Composition

  • 100% Organic Cocoa Butter

Information provided by Queen Lynn Cosmetics, Inc.

Precaution & Tips

  • For external use only.
  • Our product is concentrated so a little goes a long way.
  • Avoid unnecessary sun exposure.
  • This product is Perfect for ALL skin types.
  • This product is cruelty free and not tested on animals.
  • NO harmful chemicals (no SLS, SLES, PG, PG derivatives, parabens, sulfates, dyes, fragrance).
  • This product is not intended to diagnose, mitigate, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Directions For Use

  • Use morning and night.
  • After washing your face, apply a small dab to your forehead, nose, cheeks, under eyes and chin.
  • Massage gently into skin making sure to cover all areas.
  • Repeat as often as desired.

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