Hemp Oil: Ultra Premium Pain Relief Anti-Inflammatory, Stress & Anxiety Relief, Joint Support, Sleep Aid, Omega Fatty Acids 3 6 9, Non-GMO Ultra-Pure CO2 Extracted -2 fl. Oz. (60 ml) | + FREE Volcanic Black Dropper | Certified Organic

  • Model : Hemp Oil
  • Reference : Hemp  Oil–  2 fl. Oz.
  • Size : 2 fl. Oz.
  • Origin : U.S.A.-grown hemp
  • Botanical Name : Cannabis sativa
  • Method of Extraction : CO2 Extracted 
  • Aromatic Scent : Natural peppermint mint flavored
  • Strength of Aroma : Strong
  • Plant Part : From the full green Cannabis sativa (Hemp Plant)  including the leafs, weed, seeds, stalks and flowers
  • Use : Topical / Aromatic / Internal
  • Formulation : Oil
  • Availability: In stock
  • Shipping: Usually Ships in 5 days & 7 Days Returns

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What is it?

Hemp Oil or Hempseed Oil by Queen Lynn is safe to use, and its use is completely legal in all 50 states. The THC level in Our Hemp Essential  Oil  is very minimal—contains no more than 0.3 percent THC—so you won’t have to worry about testing positive for using marijuana. “It’s safe and it’s legal. And it works.”

This natural peppermint mint flavored hemp extract is made from the full green hemp plant including the leafs, weed, seeds, stalks and flowers —in order to attain all the best healthy nutrients of this medicinal plant while boosting immune system.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a chemical compound that’s derived from cannabis plants. Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol(THC), it won’t get you “high.”

Blended with real organic hemp seed oil for optimum absorption and  enhanced bioavailability made our Rich Organic Hemp Oil Great herbal wellness joint supplements for women and for men to relax happy.


Hemp Essential Oil

Hemp Oil by Queen Lynn is a Great and pain reliever, anxiety and anti stress relievers. Guaranteed result!

What can YOU take instead of sleeping pills? Our Hemp Essential Oil is your great alternative to sleeping pills and for creating better days!

This broad-spectrum CBD contains no more than 0.3 percent THC, so it’s non-impairing, meaning it won’t get you high however the early results are promising for anxiety, pain, and even sleep.

Hemp Essential Oil


In addition, hemp oil is a good source of many nutrients than can benefit the health of your hair. It is proven to be helpful for developing keratin formation. Hemp oil for hair helps develop stronger and healthier hair while improving blood circulation in the scalp, thereby stimulating new hair growth.

Besides, it  is effective in the therapeutic treatment of acne skin, since it helps in inhibiting the inflammation and thereby preventing or alleviating “breakouts”

Hemp Essential Oil

It also promotes to treat such serious skin problems as eczema, dermatitis and acne…

Order Organic  Hemp Essential Oil  By Queen Lynn Cosmetics today, at the best prices online!

How to Take it?

Perhaps the most common way to take Hemp oil is to ingest it orally. When you ingest Hemp oil, it passes through the digestive system and is metabolized by the liver, eventually sending its active compounds to your bloodstream.

Hempseed oil can be infused into a wide variety of edibles and beverages, including coffee.

How to Take hempseed Oil : Ingestion, Sublingual, Topical and Inhalation Options?


Who is it for?

Hemp Essential Oil By QUEEN LYNN is reputed to have many therapeutic properties. The following highlights are its many benefits and the kind of activities it is believed to show:

  • Improve recovery of muscles after exercise, Joint Pain and  Swelling
  • Improve Immunity and Better Sleep
  • Reduce and treat dry skin and hair conditions : such as Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne …
  • Nourishes scalp and prevents hair loss
  • Assist in revitalizing, refreshing and moisturizing skin, making it firmer, clearer and more elastic
  • Prevent irritations and stimulate blood flow
  • Treat PMS & Menstrual Cramps Symptoms
  • Depression Antidepressant
  • Lower Outback Back Pain Deep Relief

Hemp Essential Oil


Why is Hemp Essential Oil different?

      • 100% Organic Hemp Oil Extract Drops 3000 mg
      • Made in USA
      • Lab Tested
      • Ultra Premium Pain Relief Anti-Inflammatory, Stress and Anxiety Relief, Joint Support, Sleep Aid
      • Omega Fatty Acids 3 6 9, Non-GMO Ultra-Pure CO2 Extracted
      • Certified organic 
      • Gluten-Free / Kosher/ Halal / GMO-Free / Raw / Vegan / Peanut-Free / Dairy-Free / Soy-Free / Egg Free / Herbicide-Free / Pesticide-Free / THC-Free / Paleo approved.
      • Easy to take

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Hemp Essential Oil Composition

Certainly, The major chemical components that contribute to the healing values of  Hemp Essential Oil are :

      • Organic Hemp Oil CO2 Extracted
      • Natural Peppermint


Information provided by Queen Lynn Cosmetics, Inc.


 Safety Precautions 

      • Users can expect a shelf life of 1 year with proper storage conditions (cool, out of direct sunlight)
      • Refrigeration after opening Recommended
      • Handle with care: Glass bottle
      • If stored correctly in a cool, dark place, Essential Oil should last approximately four years
      • Consult your medical practitioner before use
      • This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease


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Hemp Oil
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 1 reviews
Jul 14, 2020
by ch on Hemp Oil

Good thing I found this Hemp oil thank you so much! It has really helped me deal with all the knee pains that I have been having. I can jump, walk, and move around like I did before the accident i had and I could not be happier.

Additional information

Weight 2 oz

1 thought on “Hemp Oil #1 | Fight Stress & Anxiety – Sleep Well”

  1. Way so much better than those toxic over-the-counter painkillers.
    When my order of hemp oil arrived, I started using it instead of the painkillers, hoping that it would address my pain. As instructed, I placed a few drops (a full dropper size) under the tongue, let it stay there for 90 seconds (for absorption), swallow and wait for the “magic” to begin.

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