The Cosmebio label

The ultimate reference for real organic cosmetics

If you see a Cosmebio label, then you’re looking at a ‘clean’ cosmetic product, and a lot more! Beyond the required minimum percentage of naturally sourced and organically produced ingredients, certified organic products are part of a wider ethical approach to cosmetics. Green chemistry, transparent communication, and respect for workers are just some of the criteria set by the Cosmebio label.

A label that offers guarantees throughout the product lifecycle of cosmetics


– The origin of the raw materials, to promote ethical and sustainable sourcing
– Gentle and nonpolluting processing methods
– Production of the final product (a clean formula, storage, packaging)
– Transparent labelling and responsible communication

The Cosmebio label also guarantees the absence of some controversial ingredients, such as silicons, phenoxyethanol and parabens ….

The Cosmebio Charter: guarantees that cover the brand’s overall approach

The Cosmebio label doesn’t just provide guarantees in terms of the product itself, but also acts as a gauge of the brand’s overall values and approach.
The Cosmebio Charter  unites the three core commitments for all players across the sector:

To fulfill the technical requirements for natural and organic cosmetics
To have respect for people and the environment
To ensure responsible and transparent communication

The Cosmebio Charter was drawn up in 2002 to help boost market development, make up for the lack of regulation and fight against greenwashing. Each company that joins up as a member of our association must sign the Charter, and in doing so, pledges to work in line with its commitments.

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